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Meet The Team

We are a team of marketing and communications specialists who created a business with a single vision:

To offer companies and brands an alternative, relevant and highly effective proposition in the field of marketing and communications.

We can be a single-source, one-stop shop for your marketing and communications needs, or work hand-in-hand with your marketing department and communications partners in designing marketing and communications programs that meet your needs, stand out, resonate with your customers on a personal level and deliver results.


The People

Nicoletta Charalambous – Managing & Creative Director

Elias Antoniades – General Manager

Petros Heracleous – Account

Stefanos Christodoulou – Account

Natali Hindi – Account

Maria Christou – Account

Orestis Theophylactou – Account

Kleri Sofroniou – Media

Petroulla Damianou – Media

Agapi Charalambous – Media

Antri Lambrou – Media

Kristy Eliades – Creative

Christodoulos Georgiades – Creative

Maria Kyriacou – Creative

Maria Pavli – Creative

Tomys Siakos – Creative

Eleanna Theodorou – Creative

Adamos Ignatiou- Creative

Stelios Papamichael- Creative

Maria Strati – Creative

Astero Drakou – Administration

Anastasia Demtriou– Administration